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Acquisitions Done Your Way

Corporate Wings, Inc. specializes in aircraft acquisitions, holding no affiliation or allegiance with any manufacturers. We only represent our clients, ensuring an unbiased result that is made to benefit you and you alone. Avoid costly acquisition mistakes and get the help you need with contracts, legal issues, trade-ins, and financing, including complex like-kind exchanges.

Completed Cabin Refurbishment

The Only Name You Need for Acquisitions

Let us evaluate your requirements and expectations to generate the perfect recommendations for your next acquisition. Drawing from market knowledge, we present you with an extensive evaluation of each aircraft, and then prepare an offer once you've made a selection. Our experts even arrange for the pre-purchase inspection at a reputable maintenance facility to verify the aircraft's maintenance history, status, future maintenance requirements, and overall airworthiness. You can have us negotiate and supervise right to completion, including all avionics and maintenance work that you desire prior to or after delivery.


Corporate Wings, Inc. has the expertise and balance needed to manage any aircraft trade in today's market. We do not buy aircraft ourselves, so you can rest assured there is no hidden agenda behind your trade. Not only do we help you find an interested party, but our financial experts are able to facilitate trades using IRS 1021 tax-free exchanges.

Leasing Aircraft

If you have decided that a lease is the most advantageous method of aircraft acquisition, you can count on us to make the transaction run smoothly. Our friendly team makes all of the necessary arrangements for aircraft lease periods ranging from six months to five years, and sometimes even longer.